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Broken Tooth

Emergency treatment of a broken tooth

A broken or chipped tooth is the most common dental emergency. If you have a broken tooth, you must visit an emergency dentist immediately to prevent further damage.

In the event of a broken tooth, you must not attempt to implant the broken fragment back into the gum. Instead, place it in a clean container and make sure the fragment is covered with saliva or milk until you see your emergency dentist. The fragment may be used to repair your tooth.


How are broken teeth treated?

You may have chipped the edge of one of your front teeth. If this is the case, we would typically smooth out the uneven edge and replace the missing part of your tooth with composite bonding.

If a molar is broken, a section of the chewing surface may have been broken away. In this event, we will replace the missing section with a crown or a filling.

Occasionally, a break can cause damage to the dental pulp, which houses a network of nerves and blood vessels. In this instance, root canal treatment may be necessary to remove the damaged pulp and prevent infection. After the pulp is removed, we will fill the space and seal the tooth with a crown or filling to protect it.

If you have a broken tooth, please call 020 8748 9365 immediately to book an emergency appointment.

Dental bonding for a broken tooth

Dental bonding may be the right solution for you if you have chipped or cracked or your tooth. The procedure in our clinics is carried out by a specialist with more than 30 years of experience and is guaranteed to provide you with a visually pleasing result.

Our dentists and specialists are highly experienced in providing emergency dental care. In the cases where the broken tooth can be treated with composite bonding immediately, you can expect same-day treatment. In more complex cases, our dentists and specialists may focus on pain management during your initial visit to our clinic and schedule a follow-up appointment to complete your treatment.

Find out more about dental bonding onthis page.


Dental veneers for a broken tooth

如果你的牙齿已经严重受损等treatments don’t hold a promise of long-lasting results, we may recommend a veneer. Our clinics are equipped for providing emergency same-day treatment where this is necessary.

  • Composite veneers
    The layer-by-layer build composite veneers can help restore your beautiful smile with a natural finish.

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