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Cosmetic Contouring London

Cosmetic Contouring London

The process of cosmetic contouring involves teeth re-shaping. After the procedure is completed, patients will observe a notable change in the appearance of their teeth. Cosmetic contouring might be considered the perfect treatment for chips and minor fractures of the teeth. It does not require the use of anaesthesia and only involves very minimal tooth reduction. Basically, it removes the rough spots on your teeth, making them appear smoother.

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In addition to making teeth smoother, cosmetic contouring can be used to correct crooked or crowded teeth. It makes the teeth appear straighter.

One reason why cosmetic contouring is popular is that the process isanaesthesia-free. For most, it is the perfect solution requiring little or no maintenance at all. Aside from this, it is perhaps the quickest and most conservative of all treatment options. However, how much of the teeth can be removed depends on the patient’s bite.

In most cases, cosmetic contouring is perfect for conditions where front teeth, either on the upper or lower arch, are mildly crowded.

Benefits of cosmetic contouring (Enameloplasty)

Also known as teeth shaping or re-shaping, contouring can be an incredibly quick path to a confident smile. If your dental concern is minimal, contouring canpleasantlysurprise you with the visual aesthetics it provides. The procedure is entirely pain-free and requires no additional planning, moulds, or laboratory involvement. If the dentists determine it is safe, the contouring can be carried out within your initial consultation appointment. Nevertheless, we do advise on booking a separate time for the actual procedure.

Teeth shaping carries no risk for the health of your teeth and will not influence any future procedures (whitening, orthodontic work) that you may want to have. If you’re currently wearing braces, we recommend booking your contouring appointment after completing your orthodontic treatment. This will allow you to get the best results from both treatments.


Smile makeover with teeth contouring

The combination of teeth reshaping, dental bonding, and teeth whitening can create miraculous results for some patients looking to enhance their smiles without using braces. If your smile is suitable for a smile makeover that doesn’t require any orthodontic work, our dentists and specialists can create a treatment plan for you and help you achieved your desired results.

这种方法需要一个初始的咨询with one of our dentists. During the appointment, you can discuss your thoughts and ideas, ask questions, and receive professional advice. Additional consultation with our cosmetic bonding specialist may be needed to assess your needs adequately. Once the information is collected, we’ll provide you with a detailed treatment plan and a quote. This smile makeover will allow you to achieve your dream results in weeks instead of years.


Cosmetic contouring and braces/clear aligners

如果你接受矫正treatment (i.e. have braces or wear clear aligners), cosmetic contouring may be the last required step after completing your treatment to ensure a stunning smile. You shouldn’t, however, look into contouring unless you’ve completed your treatment. Bear in mind that teeth contouring should be done after the braces are taken off and before the mould for your temporary retainers is taken. This order (taking braces off -> having teeth shaping -> getting removable retainer) will help ensure your retainer fits your teeth perfectly and doesn’t allow movement or recession.

If you’re interested in straightening your teeth before having teeth contouring done, you can book an appointment with our specialist orthodontist and discuss your options. At 24H Emergency Dentist, we pride ourselves on providing a full range of dental services and delivering superb emergency and regular dental treatments.


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