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Dental Cone Beam CT Scan


A dental cone beam CT scan is a machine that combines dental X-rays and computerised tomography to create a 3D image of the jaws, including the bone shape and structure, soft tissues, and teeth. The procedure is entirely pain-free and takes approximately 20 minutes.

Your dentist, dental surgeon, or orthodontist may request a CT scan for several reasons. The detailed imaging, which also shows the nerves in your jaw, will provide the clinician with the ability to diagnose your condition precisely and plan the optimal treatment.

Although the dental cone beam CT scan is mainly used for dental implants and orthodontics (teeth straightening), it is also suitable for:

  • Analysis of the jaw, nerve canals, nasal cavity, and sinuses;
  • Analysis of bone shape, structure, and tooth positioning;
  • Planning surgical procedures forimpacted teeth;
  • Diagnosis of TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder);
  • Discovering the origin of jaw or neck pain;
  • Diagnosis of jaw tumours;
  • Planning of reconstructive surgery.

牙科锥束CT辐射吗188金宝搏app官网下载scan dangerous?

According to theNHS, a regular CT scan gives a radiation dose equivalent to approximately 63 to 154 days of background radiation (the one always present in the environment). Cone beam CT scans give 6 to 30 days of average background radiation, which is significantly less and poses no real health concerns for patients.

There are no side effects expected after a dental cone CT scan procedure. The benefits and risks of having a CT scan are weighed up before it’s recommended, and your dentist should ensure you’re fully informed of all aspects of your diagnosis and treatment.

How long does a 3D dental scan take?

The cone beam CT scan procedure takes approximately 20 minutes plus the preparation stage (removal of objects and accessories that may interfere with the imagine).

How should you prepare for a 3D dental scan?

There’s no special preparation required for the procedure, but you may be asked to remove any or all jewellery or any clothing with metal attachments. Hairpins, glasses, hearing aids, or other accessories in the area of your head and neck will also have to be taken off for the procedure.

Can you have a scan if you’re pregnant?

It is recommended that X-rays and CT scans are avoided during pregnancy.


What is the procedure of having a 3D dental CT scan?

牙科的锥束CT扫188金宝搏app官网下载描,你将座位ed and asked to stay still during the procedure. Depending on the clinician’s requirements, we may need to carry out a photographic scan of the face first. During this part of the process, the room is darkened, and the machine gives out flashing a few lights while you’re standing still.

We will ask you to stand still and not swallow, talk or move your jaw while we take the CT scan. The machine will take anywhere between 150 and 200 high-resolution 2D images, which will then be combined in a precise 3D image.

When do I receive the results and who interprets them?

We will deliver the results to your clinician within the day, and they will be discussing the details with you. If you require a second opinion, please don’t hesitate to talk to our friendly reception staff and book an appointment with one of our experienced dentists.


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