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Dental Crowns replaced in London

Dental crown replacement

Used to cap or cover teeth, dental crowns reinforce the structure of your tooth and improve the tooth’s function. Having crowns can result in improved teeth appearance. They are usually made from different materials, including pure porcelain or porcelain with metal or gold. In most cases, they provide excellent results – making the teeth and smile look more appealing.

On the other hand, leaking fillings and moderately-damaged teeth can be repaired with inlays. These are usually made from gold or porcelain. Compared to traditional fillings, inlays last longer, although they are more low-key than dental crowns.


When to seek help?


Loose crown

If you can sense that the existing crown you have is loose, book an appointment as soon as possible. An unsteady dental crown can allow bacterial from food to enter the space between the crown and the gum, creating gum infection.


Unpleasant smell

If you have a dental crown but can sense a foul odour coming from the crown, this can mean that bacteria has entered the space between the restoration and the gum. Left untreated, this can cause gum infection and even gum recession.


Lost/broken crown

If you have lost or broken your crown, do not postpone your dentist appointment. Lack of proper cleaning of the area and the additional pressure to the gums resulting from the missing crown can cause other dental issues.

Is same-day dental crown replacement essential?

Having your crown replaced on the same day it breaks is not vital for your dental health, but it will surely help with your confidence and minimise the inconvenience.

The loss of a crown inevitably impairs the chewing function and can often result in changing the chewing side for the patient. If left unresolved for a prolonged period, you may wear off the teeth on the chewing side excessively, thus causing additional dental issues.

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