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Endodontics – Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatment

We offer 24-hour emergency appointments and same-day pain relief for patients who require root canal treatment.

Our highly-skilled dentists and in-house specialists have been treating emergency patients in London for over 18 years and excel in handling even the most anxious patients.

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Why choose us for your root canal treatment?


24/7 aftercare for all patients

All of our patients benefit from appointments and aftercare available 24/7. This service has proven essential for our patients with endodontic needs (the need for a root canal treatment), particularly when pain management is required.

If you’re experiencing any ache or discomfort before or after your root canal treatment, our friendly receptionists and experienced dentists and professionalists will provide you with an emergency appointment any day and time of the week.


In-house endo microscope

Our specialist endodontist can magnify the infected location with an in-house endo microscope and view even the smallest reason for concern. This technology guarantees you the most accurate treatment and minimal to no risk of after-procedure discomfort.

Combined with dental X-rays, the use of an endo microscope allows for the most efficient, non-invasive diagnostic and a significantly improved dental experience.


In-house Cone Beam CT Scan

For the most complex cases requiring an advanced level of overall condition diagnoses, our clinic is equipped with an in-house Cone Beam CT scan. The CT scan uses a combination of dental X-rays and computerised tomography, creating a 3D image of the jaw, including the bone’s shape and structure, soft tissue and blood vessel positioning. This enhancement enables the least invasive treatment, allowing our specialist endodontist to focus on the exact areas that need treatment and complete the procedure quickly and with unparalleled accuracy.

Our root canal treatment specialist: Prof Francesco Mannocci

Prof Francesco Mannocci has over 30 years of experience in endodontics and is an esteemed member of his profession. But his many qualifications are not the only reason his patients like him. Kind and caring, much like everyone working at 24h Emergency Dentist, Prof Francesco Mannocci treats every patient with individual attention, ensuring that you will receive the best treatment and the best possible dental experience regardless of how complex or mild your case may be.

教授Mannocci也是牙髓的教授at King’s College London, passing his experience on to the new generation of endodontic specialists and shaping the future of his profession in London and across the world.

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Prof Mannocci here

Dr Francesco Mannocci

When is root canal treatment needed?

A root canal dental procedure may be necessary if a patient’s tooth/teeth become decayed or if an injury has occurred. In such cases, the tooth pulp usually becomes damaged, which can often result in a lack of blood in the area and, in turn, infection and tooth pain. Root canal treatment is essential to prevent infection from spreading, consequently saving the need for tooth extraction.

The specialist area of root canal treatment is referred to as endodontics. In complex cases, the patient may be referred to an expert endodontist. Also known as root filling treatment, this can be a lengthy procedure dependent on each patient’s circumstances.

Each of our emergency dental clinics can provide root canal treatment to patients.

Root canal treatment step-by-step

Root canal treatment is usually spread over two or more stages.

Firstly, an anaesthetic is administered to the patient to ease any anxiety and make the treatment pain-free and comfortable. The tooth is then isolated through the use of a rubber dam. This is used for sterilisation purposes and to ensure no more bacteria can enter the infected tooth.

Next, we use high-tech equipment in the form of a flexible titanium rotary file to shape the canals. Titanium is noted to be of an excellent biocompatible level with humans, and this material also minimises the risk of infection or possible fractures to the teeth during treatment. 24 Hour Emergency Dentists use ultra-modern apex locators to identify the exact length of the canal; we also use modern microscopic equipment to ensure the canals are perfectly shaped. The dentist will then disinfect the tooth with a powerful disinfectant to ensure sanitation, further reducing any chance of infection.

Finally, the root canal filling material, known as gutta-percha, is used to fill the root canal, enabling the tooth to remain healthy after treatment finishes.

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Is a root canal treatment painful?

The infection requiring root canal treatment is typically excruciating, causing a throbbing sensation in the area of the tooth and sometimes in the entire jaw. If left untreated, the pain may spread to the ears and can cause a constant headache. On some occasions, the infection may spread further and initiate flu-like symptoms, including fever and fatigue.

When providing root canal treatment, we take all possible measures to ensure the patient feels no pain. Topical sedation is always administered to numb the area around the tooth and remove any sensitivity. If the infection has become more prominent, your dentist may recommend a course of antibiotics or another anti-inflammatory medication to ensure you are in good health before the treatment.

You may feel some discomfort at the end of the procedure; however, strong painkillers can ease this, and the pain will only be temporary.

Is there an alternative to root canal treatment?

Sadly, when the pulp becomes infected and proper blood circulation is no longer possible, the process is irreversible. The environment inside the tooth becomes favourable for the infection to develop. If left untreated, this infection can cause severe damage to the nerves inside the jaw, as well as the bone structure and shape.

Although your dentist is highly unlikely to recommend it,tooth extractionis also an alternative to root canal treatment. The procedure is quicker, yet an implant or a bridge is then required to retain the alignment of the teeth, as well as proper chewing function.

Tooth extraction

TIP:What to look for in root canal treatment?

When a root canal treatment procedure is carried out, it is of vital importance that the root canal of the tooth is adequately filled with gutta-percha. If a part of the canal remains empty (as in the image shown here). In that case, the infection can continue to develop inside the root and the bone, causing irreversible damage to the jaw structure, or it may lead to the need for tooth extraction.

If you had a root canal treatment done a while back, but you can still feel a foul odour from the area of the tooth, contact our friendly receptionist staff to book an appointment.

Root canal treatment gone wrong

Root Canal Treatment Cost

Your emergency dentist will be able to provide you with details concerning the cost of root canal treatment. The cost will depend on the complexity of each patient’s case and the number of root canals required.

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