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Fresh Breath Clinic in London

Fresh Breath Clinic in London

Having bad breath should not be something that you should be embarrassed about since it could be a symptom of an underlying condition like diabetes, acid reflux, and heartburn. People, who are taking antibiotics or are on a low-carb diet, can even make their bad breath considerably worse. Since this condition can be traced to health factors, it should be checked and treated.

Fresh Breath Clinic, London

Many factors could give a person bad breath, in addition to the disorders mentioned above. Poor dental hygiene, dry mouth and periodontal or gum diseases can also cause bad breath.

We have a team of expert dentists and hygienists who can provide you with a tailor-made treatment program to address your bad breath problems. These dental professionals will try to determine the root cause and then design an effective treatment plan that could involve the use of therapies like ultrasonic scaling and polishing, nutritional advice, and an oral hygiene program.

Included in our wide selection of maintenance products is the popular Fresh Breath System- Breath RX, developed by the world-renowned Dr Bill Dorfman.

Bad breath caused by caries

Dental caries is a common reason for bad breath. Tooth decay is effectively a bacterial infection, creating acid attacks on the enamel of your tooth. Although many people don’t realise this, decay of one of your teeth can cause damage to all the teeth in your mouth, and the sense of bad breath will only increase over time, along with other inconveniences.

Having caries treated is the first step to getting a fresh breath. Our dentists and specialists are highly experienced in providing emergency services and state-of-the-art white fillings to new and existing patients.


Bad breath caused by gum infection

Even if all your teeth are healthy and your fillings perfectly intact, you may still feel that your breath is not as fresh as it needs to be. This may be caused by gum infection or the collection of plaque under the gum, where regular tooth brushing cannot reach. If you can feel that your teeth are not perfectly smooth after brushing, or if you can still sense a foul odour in your mouth, a couple of hygiene sessions can do miracles. Dental hygienists use special dental tools which allow them to professionally clean dental plaque, thus helping the gums heal.


Poorly fitting crown or bridge

If your crown or bridge has been improperly fitted, or if you’ve suffered from a gum recession after the fitting, you may find yourself sensing a foul odour coming from the area of the mouth holding the restoration. The most likely reason is that a gap has opened between the restoration (crown or bridge), allowing bacterial from consumed food and drinks to enter. Over time, the build-up of bacteria will create an unpleasant taste, and the bad breath will increase. If you are experiencing this, it is essential to have the restoration re-fitted or changed. Failing to do so may cause irreversible damage to your gums and affect your entire oral health.


Dental abscess

If you have developed adental abscess, there’s a high likelihood that the first symptoms were an unpleasant taste and bad breath. If the abscess is left untreated, the sense of bad breath will increasing, accompanied by throbbing pain and can even cause fever. To treat this condition and restore your fresh breath, your dentist will need to evaluate the abscess and find the most suitable course of action. Be aware that dental abscesses don’t go away on their own, and seeing a dentist as soon as possible is essential.


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