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Mercury-free Dentistry

With patients’ well-being at the heart of everything we do, 24 Hour Emergency Dentist has been practising mercury-free dentistry for the past several years. Although scientific research is still not particular on whether or not mercury carries danger to patients, our position is that we shall not take any chances and will continue to treat our patients using composite (white) fillings.

If you’re seeking a mercury-free dentist in London, contact our receptionist staff to book an appointment in any of our centrally located clinics, each within a couple of minutes from popular transport links.

mercury-free dentistry

What does mercury-free dentistry mean?

Mercury, one of the most toxic metals known to humanity, was until recently used by dentists when creating a filling after a caries treatment. People often recognise it as “silver filling”, which has an unpleasant metal taste when applied and is now considered to be a risk-bearing material for the overall health of patients.

Mercury-free dentistry implies that no silver fillings (no amalgam) will be used when treating the patient. To learn more about dental amalgam, visitthis link.

Mercury-free fillings

Despite the uncertainty around mercury, the British Dental Association has recently released a statement confirming that approximately 3% of the population are estimated to suffer from mercury sensitivity. With the UK population estimated at 67 million, this means that nearly 2 million people are more likely to develop side effects from amalgam fillings.

To ensure that your treatment is delivered at the highest possible standard to protect our dentists and nurses, all of our clinics offer mercury-free dentistry. The fillings done by our dentists are completed with dental composite resin. All materials are of the highest quality and promise health-conscious and aesthetically pleasing results.

Replacing amalgam fillings

One of the biggest concerns for replacing amalgam fillings is ensuring that neither the patient nor the clinicians inhale particles of the mercury while the fixture is removed. Our dentists and specialists are highly trained and able to provide safe replacement of amalgam fillings.

Please note:It is not recommended to replace amalgam fillings if you’re pregnant. To help us protect you, please notify your dentist if you think you may be pregnant.

Green Dentistry Policy

Ensuring we operate with ecological materials is part of our Green Dentistry Policy. To learn more about the actions we have taken to ensure Eco-friendly dentistry, please check the link below.

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