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Teeth Whitening London

Teeth Whitening London

往往是变色和染色的牙齿a problem that many people encounter. This is perhaps the reason why many choose to undergo teeth whitening. It is a common dental procedure that improves the colour and shade of the teeth, making smiles much more attractive.

Our whitening services offer the ideal solution in order for you to have a brighter and more confident smile. Using the latest teeth whitening technology, we can effectively lighten your teeth’s colour by several shades in just a couple of hours. Our power whitening system is very relaxing and surprisingly comfortable. Patients can even watch movies or sleep while undergoing treatment. If you want to improve your smile, you can easily do so during your lunch break or even just right before a special occasion.

In addition to the in-house whitening services, we also offer our patients a whitening kit that they can take home. These kits come with custom-made whitening trays and can help you achieve whiter teeth gradually.

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Home teeth whitening kit

Home teeth whitening kits consist of a custom-made plastic or silicon tray and whitening gels. They can often be combined with in-clinic whitening and occasionally used to retain the effect of the initial whitening for longer.

The main benefit of the home whitening kit is that you’re in control – you decide how often you use it and what shade of white you’re happy with. Furthermore, once you’ve had the custom tray created for you, all you’ll need in future is to top-up your whitening gel supply. Home teeth whitening kits are also typically cheaper than in-clinic whitening.


Home whitening kits typically take longer for the achievement of the desired final result. Depending on the shade of white you’re aiming for, it can take up to two or three weeks.

What you should know


Don't DIY

Before you whiten your teeth, it is essential to ensure that they are healthy and there’s no caries. If you don’t, you risk worsening the state of existing caries and suffering from intense teeth sensitivity.


Don't forget dental hygiene

Having your teeth professionally cleaned by a dental hygienist will help you achieve better and more long-lasting results from teeth whitening. Book a dental hygiene appointment or learn morehere.


For a long-lasting effect

Make sure your lifestyle choices help your teeth stay white. Coffee, tea, wine, and some spices may change the colour of your teeth, but brushing shortly after eating or drinking will help you preserve your beautiful smile.

Alternative to teeth whitening

If you’re suffering from severe discolouration or a higher level of sensitivity, teeth whitening procedures may not be right for you. If this sounds like you, then you may want to consider composite bonding or composite veneer as an alternative.

Composite bonding can help whiten your smile with the application of a thin layer of specialised dental composite resin, which will not only completely change the appearance of your teeth but will also provide them with an additional layer of protection against hot and cold food and drinks.

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